Thu, 30 Dec 2004

PyEnchant 0.9.1 released

Among the endless hours of TV watching and book reading these holidays, I've had the opportunity to do some hacking with PyEnchant on the Windows platform while at my folk's house in Queensland. Despite the pain of uploading it over dialup, I've released a new version of the python spellchecking library.

The most important feature is, naturally, improved Windows support. Which is to say, Windows support now actually exists. There is a Windows installer which comes with its own private libraries and dictionary files, making for a completely self-contained python spellchecking solution. Thanks go to the MinGW project for providing the build tools, and Tor Lillqvist for the pre-build glib DLLs which saved me any number of headaches.

Oh, and I found and fixed a bug in the Enchant codebase. Fun holidays all round, really... :-)